I’m a U.S. person; can I benefit from a “tax haven”?

Many have heard of eliminating U.S. tax on business profits if one sets up a company in a “tax haven.” Does this tax planning method actually work?

Three Ways to Avoid Common Mistakes Made by U.S. Investors with Foreign Financial Accounts

Don’t make these mistakes to avoid substantial penalties related to U.S. tax noncompliance, and reduce time, effort, and professional fees spent on U.S. tax compliance services.

Four Essential Rules of Investing

We have identified four essential rules of investing to safeguard and build your wealth.


Tax Services

We specialize in international tax compliance and planning services to meet the needs of mobile individuals of the international community and businesses that expand internationally.

International Private Client Services

We provide a “big picture” solution which covers all important aspects of your life and your family by integrating international tax, wealth management, and financial planning services.

Wealth Management Services

We help our clients develop the vision for what they want to achieve, the strategy to attain that vision,  and the investment structure to transform this strategy to reality.

Financial Planning Services

We create a roadmap for our clients to help them take control of their financial future and create actionable solutions to achieve their dreams.


International Organization Employees and Retirees

Since 1983, we have assisted thousands of international organization employees and retirees, whether they are U.S. Citizens, green card holders, or G-4 visa holders, in navigating their complex tax compliance requirements and achieving their financial goals.

U.S. Citizens, Expats & Residents

We help our U.S. citizens and resident clients plan, understand, and comply with both U.S. and foreign income tax laws whether they are in the U.S. or overseas.


We provide tax compliance, tax planning, and wealth management services to foreign nationals who have taxable income and financial assets in the U.S.

Global Corporate Executives

The goal of our Global Business Tax Solutions team is to help businesses with minimizing their global tax exposure as they continue to expand their businesses internationally.


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