Your 2018 Tax Return? A Mighty Thick Postcard

Last year, proponents of U.S. tax reform expressed their goal to enable taxpayers to file returns “on a postcard.” So, did they succeed? In this article, we evaluate the success of this initiative and explain what your tax returns will likely look like next year.

The IRS Announces Crackdown on International Organization Employees

On Sept. 11, the IRS announced a new campaign to closely examine whether employees of international organizations are fully and properly calculating their taxes. Find out what you can expect from the upcoming IRS audits, and learn about the common mistakes that the IRS will likely be targeting.

Ready for the 2018 Tax Filing Season? The IRS Is Not. Is Your Accountant?

Tax reform was passed in December 2017. The 2018 tax filing season opens in January 2019. Will the IRS be ready? Unlikely. Find out why and what this means for you. With many matters still
unsettled, the 2018 filing season promises to be exciting!


Individual and Expat Tax Services

We specialize in tax planning and tax return preparation services to meet the needs of individuals with cross-border tax considerations, retirees with global assets, and mobile individuals in the international community.

Global Mobility Tax Services

We assist GMTS clients with global payroll solutions, foreign assignment costs and options, home and host country tax support, tax reimbursement policy development, and a wide range of other services that benefit global employers, assignees, and mobility providers.

OVDP & IRS Amnesty Services

We help clients understand their options to “clean up” their prior filings (or lack thereof) when it comes to IRS reporting of foreign income, pensions, and assets.  We then work with them to prepare corrected filings and the documentation needed to take advantage of reduced offshore penalties and get back on track with the IRS.

Expatriation (Exit Tax) Services

We provide expatriation tax planning and compliance services to individuals giving up their U.S. citizenship or long-term residency.

International Corporate Tax Services

We help businesses comply with U.S. tax filing requirements, navigate the impacts of tax reform, and minimize their global tax exposure as they continue to expand their businesses internationally.


International Organization Employees and Retirees

Since 1983, we have assisted thousands of IO employees and retirees in navigating their complex tax compliance requirements and achieving their financial goals. We work regularly with U.S. citizens, green card holders, and G-4 visa holders employed by the World Bank, IMF, IADB, UN, and many other IOs.

U.S. Citizens, Expats & Residents

We help our U.S. citizens and resident clients plan, understand, and comply with both U.S. and foreign income tax laws whether they are in the U.S. or overseas.


We provide tax return preparation, tax planning, and wealth management services to foreign nationals who have taxable income and financial assets or real estate in the U.S.

Global Employers & Mobility Providers

We work with all types of employers—from those contemplating their first expatriate assignment to those running an established program—to provide tax-efficient, tailored services that fit their needs.  We also assist relocation management companies, immigration providers, global vendor payment companies, and destination service providers with their program support.


We work with U.S. citizens and long-term residents who wish to give up their U.S. citizenship or residency status, to help them understand the expatriation process and tax impact. We then work with them to prepare the necessary tax filings and to calculate the ultimate Exit Tax.

International Businesses

We assist small and closely held businesses in understanding the tax implications of international expansion, evaluating options for growth, preparing any necessary U.S. tax filings, and identifying appropriate foreign tax professionals to assist with foreign tax planning and compliance.


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